No action this weekend because of illness

Posted by igor Mon, 03 Oct 2005 17:07:00 GMT

Well, I wanted to go see Glasgow this weekend but I caught the flu and had to stay in bed since friday :(. At least I had the chance to check out the local health service and I must say it was better than expected. On friday I went to see the doctor and it was a really really nice lady trying to help as good as she possibly could!

Today I finally feel better and hope to be able to go to UNI tomorrow.

Well, I wasn’t just staying in bed and sleeping all time, I used some of my time to get a third of a two weeks assignment done in Inf2A (Processing Natural and Formal Languages). Part of the assignment is theoretical and the other part must be implemented in Python, a really easy to learn programming language.

I also fiddled around with a new window manager called wmii-window manager improved 2. So if you are working in a Unix-like environment and want to be able to efficiently use your window manager you should definitely check it out!

Today (Sunday), Christina is also leaving Austria to go to London as an assistant teacher! Good luck Chri!

Tuesdays Pub Night

Posted by igor Sun, 02 Oct 2005 17:07:00 GMT

Every tuesday night the ISC meets at the Bannermans and celebrates the so called international pub night. But this weeks tuesday wasn’t just an ordinary tuesday pubnight, Chrigl, my friend from Switzerland, celebrated his 23rd Birthday – Happy Birthday Chrigl!!

It was quite a lot of fun and I even met a girl from St.Valentin, Magda and 2 of her mates from Linz, at the Bannermans! It really seems that we live in a small world!!

Jakob has made a little blog aggregator which merges all the blogs from JKU students currently studying abroad! It’s nice, go have a look at it!

Trip to North Berwick

Posted by igor Sun, 25 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

North Berwick Beach

On Saturday we went to North Berwick, on Scotland’s east coast, about an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. North Berwick is the site of a dormant volcanoe, a quaint fishing village, the massive ruins of Tantallon Castle, the Scottish Seabird Centre, a picturesque beach and the impressive ‘Bass Rock.’ It was a relly nice trip and we even had beatiful weather.

I even got into the water since the locals were doing it but I couldn’t stay in there for too long because of the chilly water. As usual there are many more pictures in the gallery, enjoy!

Colloquium: Prof. Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Posted by igor Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

Today I was really lucky to get a ticket for the Introduction of the Semantic Web Talk by Professor Sir Tim Berners Lee. It was a pleasure to sit in the lecture theater and listen to the ideas and intentions behind the Semantic Web. It was a very well prepared presentation and of course it was done in HTML.

The talk has been recorded, and the video recording will be made available in due course – so stay tuned!

First lectures already started...

Posted by igor Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

After having visited some course introductory talks I went to my first lecture called ‘Informatics 2A: Processing Natural and Formal Languages’.

It looks like it is going to be a very interesting and well prepared lecture, let’s see what happens! On Monday I signed up for the The University of Edinburgh Computing and Artificial Intelligence Society and will try to take part in some of their activities. For Saturday I signed up for a trip to North Berwick organised by the ISC (International Student Center). Looks like a really nice day trip – I hope that I will have a nice story and many pictures of that trip up by the upcoming Sunday so stay tuned.

Today we had really nice weather so I decided to go running around Hollyrood Park. You can take a look at a live webcam which is located somewhere in Holyrood Park. Tomorrow there is going to be an Informatics Colloquium by Professor Sir Tim Berners Lee about the Semantic Web. I really hope to get tickets for that event so that I can actually get to see it live!

BBQ@Robertsons and lunch with Christian...

Posted by igor Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

Lunch with my swiss friend

Last night we had a pretty cool BBQ (barbecue) thing going on at Robertsons Close. It was organized by Will, a really cool guy from New York (cheers Will). So we had hamburgers, hot dogs and even marshmallows! I also got to know a lot of new and interesting people from many different countries like France, Italy, Brussels, Spain, Mexico…

Today I finally booked the flight which get’s me home over the christmas holidays so for all of you guys@home: Watch out! I’m gonna be there from the 21st of decemeber until the 3rd of january. I also finally had the chance to talk to Ralf over Skype (*cheers to Frostburg :) *)!

Extinct Volcanos and the Beach

Posted by igor Sat, 17 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

Today I finally managed to get out and explore my surroundings! I went to Holyrood Park and climbed on an extinct volcano. Even though the weather was pretty bad, it was really really cool. There is also a beautiful track around Holyrood park and I guess that’s where I will go running the next time.

Edinburgh Beach

The other thing I finally managed to do was to go to the beach. From my dorm, I can walk to the beach in about 40 minutes and I guess I will do that more often. You can’t really go and swim in the water cause it’s way too cold but what is really fascinating about the beach is the amount of shells which are lying around.

As always there are many more pictures I made. Go have a look if you want!

Getting Organized

Posted by igor Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:07:00 GMT

I arrived on moday, the 12th of September 05. The flight went pretty well and around 1:30 local time I arrived in Edinburgh. From the airport I took a double decker bus in order to get to waverly station which is in the middle of Edinburgh and really close to where I live. From there on I walked with all of my luggage through parts of the old town and finally arrived at:

Address: 9/3 Room 2 Robertsons Close Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1LY

Starting from Scratch

Posted by igor Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:30:00 GMT

Finally I found some time to finish setting up my Blog software so that I can keap track of what I’m doing over here in Edinburgh. An obvious side effect of this blog is that you can also catch up on what I’m doing if you are interested :)

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